Elise Elise

I am a blond haired, positive and usually smiling girl who lives in Oslo, Norway. I am interested in culture. I "always" listen to music, I travel for hours to go to a concerts with a favourite band, and I play piano and sing when no one is listening. In April 2014 I started dancing salsa, which I since have fallen in love with. I often travel to experience new cultures. Going on these trips, I always bring my camera, and I like to shoot anything and everything: Nothing is too small, nothing is too big!

I am also interested in science and technology. My interest in the web started more than ten years ago. Learning that everyone could make their own website, I started out using WYSIWYG-editors, and gradually learned to create websites using HTML, CSS, PHP include and CMS. I did all of this in my spare time, learning by reading tutorials online. Since then I've learned more web design and development while doing a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication at Buskerud University College, with a year as an exchange student to Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, where I studied web design and development.

And every now and again, when I'm not inside reading or geeking on my computer, I try to stay active and get out and enjoy nature. I dance several times a week and I like the outdoors, especially if I can escape from the city for a while. My favorite way to experience nature is on horseback and I go out on weekly trail rides in the forests around Oslo.

If you want to know more about me professionally, you can visit my Linkedin-profile If you have any inquiries, you can click here or use the contact form to send me an e-mail.