The Perfect Storm - II, 2011 1. Arrange a Disaster
2. Blue Rays Never Die
3. Cyprus Buys Fish
4. Don't Stare at Sushi
5. The Cat That Broke my Heart
6. Life is a spiderweb
7. The roses ate Jared's sister
8. Lauren Left Her Purse In My Car
9. No Doors Here
10. Orange Juice Marathon

Solid State Records, released January 21th 2011
All songs written by The Perfect Storm
Produced by Casey Sarkhart
Mixed by Mira Slavolzki

The Perfect Storm - Self Titled, 2008 1. Super Rap
2. Sunglasses in the Kitchen
3. Running on the Moon
4. Listening to Trains
5. Eat Worms!
6. Walking Home From School
7. Smells Like Fresh Socks
8. Spirit Fingers
9. Shattered Glass
10. Dirty Voices Filled With Love
11. Burning Snow
12. Cows and Pepper

Solid State Records, released October 13th 2008
All songs written by The Perfect Storm
Produced and mixed by Craig Drongs