Want help to keep track of everything that is going on at your horse farm?

  • What feed each horse needs
  • Calendar that shows you when it's your time to feed the horses
  • Overview over when horses are away for shows etc
  • What deworming and vaccinations the horses had and when
  • An easy way to share news and notices
  • And much more!
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Image of the app on a phone

How to use the app

About the horse

Go to a horse's profile to find information about the horse, its feed and medication, and any special information about the horse. Click the tabs to view the different information.

When you're watching your own horse's profile, there is a pen symbol in the top right corner which you can click to edit information.

The arrows by the horse's name take you to the horse in the next or previous stall, which makes it easy to look at the app while walking through the stable.


By clicking the Notices icon on the bottom of the screen, go to view notices from the farm owner.

The 8 latest notices are shown on the screen, with the latest notice first.

The notices you find here are notices from the person running the farm to everyone who has their horse on the farm. It the easiest way to share information about changes or news that concern everyone.


The calendar icon takes you to this calendar page.

The calendar shows you what is going on on the farm and when certain horses are away. If applicable, the calendar will also show you when it's your turn to do the feeding.

There are more features that will be added to the calendar in the future, read more about these under the Planned Features section of this page.

At all times you can move around in the app using the icons in the footer.

Planned Features

Are you missing anything else? Please let us know.